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Renowned specialist in consulting and engineering for the healthcare sectors, Altogen, now a part of the Efor Group, positions itself as a strategic partner for the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, and medical devices.

Present in France and internationally, our mission is to provide tailored support to SMEs, large enterprises, and startups in the development and execution of their projects, from conception to commissioning and on-site operational management.

Our integration within the Efor Group enhances our technical expertise, extends our resources, and diversifies our service offerings.

discover altogen


We stay close to our clients and attentive to their needs, providing them with a devoted team of specialised business engineers and expert consultants.

We’re also close and attentive to our employees, and we care deeply about ensuring that our consultants find fulfilment, working together to design a progressive career plan that meets their expectations.


Faced with the requirements of a constantly changing sector, we have decided to focus exclusively on the healthcare industry.

Our expertise truly positions us as your specialised partner, in order to provide you with real solutions adapted to your projects.


Altogen sets up partnerships with innovative startups in the healthcare sector, guaranteeing that we bring an industrial perspective and deep knowledge of the business to each of our partners.

Backed by the strength of these partnerships, our consultants provide their expertise and know-how to our industrial clients in the healthcare industry.



You’ll have a team of people, passionate about what they do, working to provide you with a rapid response.


Regardless of the context, in order to act quickly, we keep you informed of the reality of every situation


You’ll have a single point of contact, to guarantee that you get personalised service, and to establish a relationship of trust.


We are attentive to the wellbeing of our teams and offer them the possibility of designing a progressive career plan that meets their expectations.

our team of consultants

Our team of consultants consists mainly of engineers, pharmacists and holders of master’s degrees with knowledge and experience oriented toward the healthcare sector.

PhD & Masters of Science​


Pharmacists & Doctors